Painting for RJ

2:44 AM

I've been working on some art projects for the baby's room. The first will be a few watercolors from my favorite pictures of Rhett's childhood. The first is a picture of Rhett and his older brother with all their newborn puppies. I love this picture of Rhett, he was probably 3 or 4 and I think he was such a cute little chunk. The painting isn't great, the faces of the boys are pretty crappy, and not too similar to the photo, but I'm not a great artist and I'm well aware this won't earn me any prize, but it's the best I could do...
My plan is to paint small wooden signs in a collage. The wooden signs will be about 1 foot wide, 4" tall and the first will say "My hero..." and a second sign diagonally will say: " my Dad." Then I'll put the two paintings of Dad as a little boy opposite the signs. Hopefully it will turn out. So far this watercolor is all I have done.

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