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I have been planning to make nursery items out of junk for months. Here are a few of the initial finished projects.

First of all...a dresser.

My parents had this old definitely used dresser no one was using. So I luckily found at Home Depot, a can of "oops paint". Oops paint is usually near the paint mixing counter and they are $5/gallon, $1/qt of different kinds and colors. I have a problem with buying paint, so every time I find myself in Home Depot I check out the oops paint. This brick red paint is for decks & floors, so perfect for a dresser to be resistant to scuffs. I took off the hardware and did lightly sand the dresser before painting it.
Next, little name blocks. As a baby gift, someone have us these blocks with our baby's initials. I painted them from natural wood to match the rest of the baby blocks I've made.

Lastly, I really wanted a lamp. It surprises me how expensive lamps can be, and it's fun to make one out of junk so I found this round green beauty at the local thrift store for $3.
I spray painted it white to get a clean canvas and then painted a simple scene with giraffes. The nursery theme is animals I guess, and my mom made a quilt and in it there was this reddish giraffe print that I LOVE. So it became the inspiration for a lot of projects.
It was a challenge to paint on such a spherical shape because I was worried if I made the giraffes too tall, or too high, all their heads would converge at the top and at the bottom.

After painting it, I was sealing it with an aerosol matte finish, and on the front of the lamp, it bubbled up and pulled the paint away. SO FRUSTRATING! I and used a straight razor to cut out the bubbled paint and re-painted the area. When I sealed it for the last time, I was more careful about the thickness of the spray.

For the lampshade, I found a square, small one for $7 at Target. Using the fabric that I guess has become the theme of the room, I cut strips and hot glued them 1" thick on the top and bottom of the lamp shade.

Above the dresser is the painting from the book, My Father's Dragon I did a while ago

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  1. You amaze me! I'm happy to see the giraffe picture frame I passed on to you finally getting some use. I love the lamp! The letters turned out really cute! I love your mom's brilliant idea of dying the zebra fabric to make the color match

  2. I AM SO IMPRESSED!! Can I hire you to do my kids' nursery?

  3. haha I love the letters to Netty from her BFF's on the dresser...and I agree "Heather is Nice"!

  4. that lamp is sooo cute and creative! I would of never thought of that! It would of gone straight to the DI!

  5. wow, that's amazing! You've done such a good job...the Lamp is adorable!

  6. Can you come decorate my kids room? This looks awesome. RJ is a lucky little guy.

  7. Wow, Jessica, you are amazing! I wish I had an eye for things like that! Super cute!


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