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Tag quilts are really popular for babies, and so I made one for our little guy. It is basically three ovals, sewn in a tripod shape. This makes 3 "pages".

I made the embellishments on each individual oval, then sewed them together, leaving 3 " gap in one page in order to flip the whole book right side out. I also cut a half oval of warm & natural batting in between each page to make it a little thicker. I sewed the batting to the right half of each oval as I added the embellishments.

Some of the details:

The red sections are sewn down, and the box body, but the limbs are off the page. Bead eyes.

BUTTONS: not too cute


My parents call RJ "the bulldog" so I had to add one. I didn't sew down the ears or tail so they stand up off the book. Bead eyes. Nose and teeth were just embroidery thread.

Button and bead eyes



This was the first time I did applique. I'm sure there are many ways to do these (bulldog, caterpillar, name) but this is how I did it and it wasn't too bad.

APPLIQUE: I drew my design on a flattened coffee filter in pencil. I put it on top of the fabric and sewed around the edges. **Remember these are the opposite so any lettering will need to be sewn backwards at this point*** After it's sewn on, I trimmed the excess fabric and coffee filter so I had the little shape. Then to attach to the page, sew along the edge in a zigzag stitch. You could also zigzag the shape the first time and then just straight stitch the applique to the page.

To do multiple layers like the bulldog, I did the background dark blue fabric first, the put the next color on top of the dark blue. I trimmed the light blue individual shapes, then the whole dog.

Most of the beads were in a big random pack from Walmart that was $2.00

I top-stitched the borders of all the pages to help hold the ribbons flat, and also sewed down the center to make the three separate pages.

I don't know if my explanation makes sense, and I'm definitely a novice with these, but if you wanted to make one, they are pretty cheap and easy...just make sure you sew the beads, buttons, etc. on well or they could become a choking hazard.

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