Nephew Totes

11:32 PM

My two nephews wanted in on the tote action once they saw Aubree's, so we slopped some together from the scraps we could scrounge around the house.

Mitchel's favorite animal is the penguin. The applique is pretty crappy, we only had white thread and a Hello Kitty sewing machine. Mitch was really excited to take his tote to church to carry his scriptures, paper/pencil, and a snack.
Bret's favorite animal is an elephant. He wanted it green, so we made the body of the bag out of gray corduroy. He held all the scraps in the tub up to his cheek before he picked out the fabric for the lining--gray flannel was finally soft enough for him. The ears fold forward off the tote and this one was the best quality. Both boys chose camo handles.

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