Trick or Treat Bags

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Trick or Treat!

A customer ordered custom trick or treat totes to match the capes I made for her grandsons. Both have ribbon handles and are fully lined. I found a scrap of Halloween cotton print, so I added a little Halloween pocket for fun. I decided to made the body of the totes kind of hour-glass shaped, so it could hold a lot of candy in the bottom, but have a narrow top so it won't pour out as easily when they sit it down or something.
I made the baby superhero appliques to go on each tote.

It was kind of fun to make these...I always used pillow cases for trick or treating as a kid. I think I would have liked to have a tote with handles, because by the end of the night, I remember my hands being sore from gripping my loot, and I'd have to sling it over my back between houses as it got to heavy. I loved candy that much...suburbia is so great for trick or treating. Neighborhood after neighborhood, with homes close together. The worst would be a house with a huge staircase and after your hike you'd leave with only a stinking tootsie roll.

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