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I'm hoping to have some posts soon.  Some photographs have been taken which is a big step to get back into blogging again.
But here's the full post that originally posted at no big dill for her once upon a thread #3 series.

I wanted to share No David! by David Shannon.
There’s a whole series of David books, all inspired by the author’s mom sending him a book he had written as a five-year-old.
The only text in his childhood story was “no David” repeated on each page and drawings of himself doing things that made his mom say “No!”
So he wrote another version as adult which portrays the antics common to most little boys.
I love this book because it’s funny and the illustrations really tell the story. 
The portrayal of David is childlike, wild, and his pointy teeth resemble my own son’s self portrait.


David wears the same signature outfit throughout the series, red jeans and a blue and white striped tee shirt. 
His mom is shown with a green skirt and blue polka dot blouse.
So I chose to recreate the clothes for us after my, RJ, kept pointing out “David shirts” when he’d notice any top with blue and white stripes.
David’s shirt is pieced knit, and I used a pair of H&M jeans to make the pants from narrow red corduroy.
Rather than using a polka dot print for the mom top, I made a blouse with old ivory drapery and added a dot texture to make the french knot blouse, to go along with the pleated pocket skirt.
So this is a story about a little boy and his mom and all the things he does that make his mom say “No!”
In the book, David gets into trouble on every page,
sneaking cookies….

dragging mud in the house…
and picking his nose.
My son, RJ, sometimes makes the same sad choices that David does, like not cleaning up his toys…

getting mad and earning a time out,

or jumping on the bed.

animated gif maker


But RJ also makes some choices that make his mom say “No!” that weren’t in the book:
Finally, there’s a page where David’s mom says Yes!
It’s the last page and despite all his sad choices, David’s mom says “Yes, I love you.”
We love this book and it’s a good opportunity to talk about good vs bad behavior and it’s really fun to follow David’s antics throughout the whole series.

For today I thought I’d quickly show you how to make the tee shirt with the pieced stripes.
I used knit yardage for the blue, and upcyled a men’s white t-shirt for the white strips, using the original hem on the men’s shirt for the body and sleeve hems (easy cheat!)
I used a serger to sew the entire tee shirt except  the neckline, but a stretch stitch on a regular machine would be great too.
For the body, I started with 4” wide strips and sewed them together into two (front and back) big stripe blocks.davidn
From a big square block I used my son’s rashguard as a pattern to cut the sleeve holes, angled shoulder seams, and the curved neck.
At this point you can sew the front to back at the side seams and shoulder seams, making sure to match up your stripes as you sew.
The idea was the same with the sleeves, just sewing a stripe block and cutting out the sleeve shape.
This time I used 2.5” tall strips.
At this point you can sew the armpit seam on the sleeves and insert them into the shirt body.
For the neck I cut a 1.5” wide strip of blue, pressed it in half, then sewed raw edges touching around the neckline.
Then to finish it off, I top-stitched around the neck seam with a double needle to hold the seam allowance down.

Thanks for having us, we both had fun participating!

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  1. I remember this post from no big dill.

    You are very talented and write with such honesty-- I'm so glad you're back; we missed you!

  2. One word - BEAUTIFUL - describes your sewing,your kids, your parenting style & YOU!!!! Congratulations on being such an awesome mom!!

  3. I'm going to have to get that book for my boys.
    Love the outfits you put together for you and your son. Yours is gorgeous!

  4. hahahaha that's awesome. So cool that made dressup clothes for both of you. Love it.

  5. SO beautiful! I LOVED this post.It takes me back 30 years to when my little boy was full of mischief and hugs. This same 'boy' gets married in 8 days time.....
    You made a beautiful memory for both of you.


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