Mom Feature: Chicken Quilt

9:19 AM

You all know our mom is totally amazing. She made the most colorful and tedious quilt for my Christmas gift, and I have to share it with you!  I have 17 chickens and a big garden, so she made me a chicken quilt. She stitched a bunch of different chicken blocks, then put them all together to fit the guest bed in my house. My favorite block is the rooster. She topped the whole thing off with a garden gate border. Each flower is beautifully folded like origami and hand stitched into place. If ALL of that wasn't enough work, she hand quilted the whole thing by herself. The woman has endurance like a terminator.

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  1. what a wonderful work of art - pure love in every stitch

  2. That is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your mom is so talented.

  3. That is so incredible!! I can see where you two come from...clearly!

  4. Really Lovely!
    You girls are all
    So Talented!!!

  5. OMG! That is crazy - in a totatally positive way! Amazing!

  6. Absolutely amazing! What a work of art

  7. Wow. Just.... Wow. I'm speechless.

  8. I'm more than impressed! This is an awesome work of art, not to mention such a personal, loving gift. Applause to your mom!

  9. Jessica and lynette, You are both blessed to have a talented MOM who made this fantastic chicken quilt. And you are doubly blessed for having each other to create such beautiful sewing, carpentry, and art work. God Bless the three of you. REBECCA

    1. Thanks Rebecca, we are lucky to have such a great mom!


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