Men's Custom Boxing Trunks

9:15 AM

I made some boxing trunks for my friend Juan Higuera. The white satin is double lined. I made two stencils for the side designs, one for the gold, one for the black. His name on the back is my favorite detail.

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  1. Amazing! Bet he loved them. The name is unbelievable. Bet it took a lot of time.

  2. Fun! They look awesome, definitely not handmade at all. Great job! I'm not sure how you picked a favorite detail because they all look pretty cool. I think I like the front monogram design the best, myself.

  3. Very, very cool! I love all the extra details you added.

  4. Great job! Did you use a pattern? My husband would love for me to sew him some real boxing trunks!



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