Stained Glass in Master Bathroom

1:28 PM

This project started before we ever broke ground on our house build.
My mom helped me create a leaded glass window for the master bathroom to go over a tub.
Because it was an exterior window, it was installed by the framers and endured the entire building process.

Framing and rough plumbing and electrical.


I installed all the finish carpentry or millwork around windows and doorways, and we hired painters.

If you look closely at the window, there are imperfections.
It is far from perfect.

But that's like of like life.  Up close on a day to day basis there's a lot of failure, especially as a parent.
But if you stand back and look at your life as a whole, it's beautiful and those imperfections can't be noticed, and actually contribute to the greater whole.

This was the only leaded glass or stained glass window that had to be completed during construction.
I have a ton more I need to do, but that will come in the months ahead. 

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  1. gorgeous! Can't wait to see what else you add.

    1. Thanks Kristie, I have some cabinets we left the door panel empty for future glass, and some bedrooms have holes above the door for future transom windows, so it may take a while, but hopefully in the end will be cool.

  2. that window is so pretty! You've done a great job and I can't wait to see the rest1

    1. Thanks Shantel! I need to throw some more up on the blog!

  3. GAH it's so gorgeous! Makes me want to do stained glass again - I took a class in high school but my taste level was questionable then. Ha. Keep the house posts coming please!!

    1. Man I wish my high school had offered stained glass! I have more I need to make but am hesitant without my mom there for some reason.


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