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We remodeled the bathroom this summer and I kept the two sections of a gross rotting window. I didn't know what to with the bottom pane but finally decided to make it a menu board for the kitchen. I used this sweet crackle media you paint on before the last coat, and I like it a lot. I bought 2 bottles when I was home for the summer, and am hoping it will last until I get another opportunity to get out of Kirksville to a craft store.
This idea wasn't original, but came from a friend, Melody A. who had one in her kitchen, made with an old window also. So thanks for the idea, and hopefully this will help me plan meals ahead rather than last minute mac-n-cheese nights.

My main problem with making meals is the time commitment. I really enjoy cooking, but I usually have too much to do before I go to work at 6:00 pm to make something big and great, and so usually it's on the days off that I have time to cook, and with the summer heat I have trouble thinking of new things besides salads and pasta--we eat A LOT of pasta, and it heats up the kitchen terribly. I need to really sit down once a week and plan a menu, looking to see what ingredients I have and use them up. Also, I collect recipes (Kirksville has a lot of recipe swapping going on) but rarely use them, and just stick to the usual things that come to mind when I'm staring into the pantry, will no plans of what to make. I think if I take time to actually plan, it will work out better and Rhett will be happy we won't have to replenish our Top Ramen often. :)

Close up of the crackle

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  1. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I am so jealous! What a cute idea and awesome window!


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