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For Halloween for Rhett, I didn't want to spend any money, so I thought I'd make him a Gus Gus costume out of scraps I had. Here is a picture of Gus Gus from Cinderella:

I couldn't find any two-way stretch fabric for a little yellow crop top so I had a yellow polo that I never wear so I decided to chop that up for the costume shirt.

The hat was easy, I had one seam going down the center and I attached an elastic under his chin to have something the ears could be sewn to. The ear I sewed onto scraps of batting and then put the tan fabric around it. I thought I would have to line the edges with wire, but the batting made them stiff enough I just had the fabric and called it good.

I also made little brown shoes/ socks with the big toe that I stuffed with a cotton ball.

All this plus a chubby baby made an inexpensive, simple costume. We think he's pretty cute but we are bias.

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  1. I lookes at your page when this post was at the pot and until I saw the pictures, I thought you were making this for your hubby! :) Sorry, had forgotten the name of your baby....The nursery looks GREAT! You're so good at recycling things...

  2. oh my gosh...i'm in love with this guy AND the costume. SOO AWESOME!

  3. Oh--he is SO cute!! Gus-Gus has always been my favorite--but your little Gus-Gus rivals him!!

  4. O.M.G.!!!! This is the cutest thing ever! I will be stealing this idea for my son for this Halloween! You are so creative!


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