Rocking Chair

2:30 PM

When we were in Delta for a month, our nephew had his 16th birthday party, and I don't know why but I was in my sister-in-law's basement rummaging through their stuff and saw this kids' rocking chair. I picked it up and said: "this is awesome". My niece told me, "go ahead and take that piece of junk." My sister-in-law said to take it, they wouldn't need it anymore and I was pumped. All spring I'd search the junk piles on the curbs in Missouri hoping someone would have thrown one out I could get cheap/free. I'd always planned to paint it, but this little gem landed in my lap and I couldn't decide. I knew I wanted to recover the seat cushion, with the giraffe fabric I so love.
I reinforced some of the joints and decided not to replace the broken back support in the name of character.
Also, in the end, I decided sanding it and repainting the wood would destroy all the history developed over the years by our family so I wiped it down with lemon oil and it turned out the wood matches the giraffe fabric really well in my opinion.

Because the fabric isn't that durable alone, I machine quilted a piece of batting to the underside of the top of the cushion. Hopefully this will reinforce it for all the little bums that will hopefully sit and use it. To attach the quilted fabric to the old cushion, I'd originally planned on using the staple gun, but got lazy and decided the glue gun was easier and faster so hopefully it will hold up.

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  1. Jess, I want you to make Cael a sign for his room. I want it to say Cael John in the 'gough family' font and then June 29th, 2007, 9.2lbs, 20inches through it. What do you think about a dark blue background, white or cream name and what ever color through it. Anyway, no rush...I can pay you first or whatever. Let me know!


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