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12:28 PM

RJ's Room
Most of the projects are all here in separate posts, so I don't have much to say. But thanks to Grammy K for the crib and Grandma C for the changing table! We really appreciate it. Rhett gave me the glider for my birthday last year. The rest of the furniture was hand-me-downs. We painted the room for bright coral pink to a taupe. Everything else was pretty much junk recycled into something hopefully better, or at least I think it's better. It was fun and I enjoyed the little projects along the way.

These masks we got in AZ a couple years ago.

The photo frame on the dresser and the frames on the shelf were cheap-os we already had and I just used the same acrylic paint from the lamp to paint them green to match.

My Mom is an awesome quilter and made both the animal quilt on the wall, and the quilt for RJ's crib. Here is a link for the wall animal quilt on her blog.

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  1. So cute! I absolutely LOVE the animal print letter boards!

  2. I am Stephanie Tolands friend and I love what you did. How creative. I could never do that, and that lamp...I LOVE IT! Good Job!


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