Fat Feet

4:20 PM

When your baby has feet that are so fat he can't wear shoes.....
Baby Moccasins/ Slippers!

Our little guy's feet are so fat, no shoes are tall enough to accommodate his rolls and he's been wearing out socks running around the house in his walker. My mom had a sack of small leather scraps she let me use to make some moccasin slippers. We made a rough pattern out of scrap fabric and I sewed the scraps of leather onto the pattern. Using ribbing for the ankle, they turned out OK. They ended up being a too big, and sewing the sole to the top of the shoe with right sides together and flipping it right-side-out made the seams too thick with all the leather and they are lumpy looking on the edges. My dad saw them and said: "these are like mod podge Indian shoes".
If I make more, I would use a different pattern and attach the leather for the sole differently.

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  1. Jess, These are fabulous! You should open up an Etsy store girl! These look very close to Robeez & those things sell for $20.00 & on way up! Not too mention your signs~you would do a great business!


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