Big Butterfly Backpack

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This is one of two custom backpack orders for two sisters. It needed to be durable and large enough for elementary school. After it was all done, I jam packed it to see how much it could hold, and I was surprised how much I could jam in there.

It's made out of thick duck canvas. I decided to add a pocket on the front to hold pencils and smaller stuff. I debated between snaps, or a button, but ended up using a zipper just so it was more secure and like a real backpack.

It's fully lined with yellow/ white stripe cotton print.

The straps were an issue for me because my usual toddler backpacks just have buttons to adjust the straps. But since these will be carrying more, I ended up using D-rings and got actual strap length that you can buy per yard by the ribbon.

The butterfly flap is held down with a toggle and elastic cording, because the backpack is so large it needed the toggle so it could adjust to an empty backpack and a full backpack.

I needed to have a drawstring or something to tighten the load in the backpack to the back so it wouldn't fall out. I used eyelets and looped elastic cording through and had a cord pull to hold it, then a pink bead to grab onto to make it easier to quickly tighten it.

Overall I'm happy with the way everything turned out, I just wish I'd been able to find white eyelets instead of black.

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