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Earlier this spring, I was watching my neices/ nephews for a , couple weeks. These are my two neices, who are turning 12 this year and going into 6th grade, one day when . While we were there, their maturation program contents came up in conversation. It was so funny. Brooklyn said: "Jess, do you think it's a good idea for us to keep pads and stuff in our locker in case we start our period? Because now that we're almost 12, I feel like we're walking time bombs." I told them I thought it was a really good idea, or maybe one of their friends would need something if they don't. Then I remembered my junior high feminine hygeine code.

"I'm eating lunch today" = I'm on my period
"Can I borrow a hamburger?" = Can I borrow a pad
"Can I borrow a carrot?" = Can I borrow a tampon

I explained how my group of friends devised this code as to eliminate embarrassment in case someone overheard the conversation at your locker, in class, or the cafeteria. They agreed it was good idea to have a code. Looking back, our code isn't that great, but I love the memory and hope it passes on to my neices and their middle school friends.
So as a gag gift (but kind of serious gift) for back to school/ welcome to middle school, I made each girl a little "lunch kit". It's pretty small, about 4" wide and 8" tall. So they can put it in their locker in case the time bomb explodes this next year. I'm filling it with the essential feminine hygeine products.

I thought it was funny that the bags are shaped like a lunch secret to continue the code. I understand this gift idea wouldn't be an appropriate gift for all tween girls, but I am super close with these two so they will love it--in a joking way...but maybe in a thankful serious way sometime too.

Basic sqare bag construction. "Lunch" painted with fabric paint using the freezer paper stencil. Fully lined with the opposite fabric, so the two match with the other's lining. Snap closure.

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  1. sooo cute!! hahahah MANNNN I love the Jr. high codes...I didn't have those in my Jr. high and I wish I did dang it!


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