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7:38 PM

I've been finishing up a few backpacks for my Etsy shop.
This first one I've been thinking about for a while, and it took me a while of sketching different ideas to get a hippo I thought would work on a backpack. 

This next one, I've been really excited about.  My nephews have been telling me for a while that I need to get better boy backpacks.  To quote Mitchel (age 7): "Jess, animals are OK, but you should do things like monsters...or dinosaurs.  Those are cool."

So this is the first of their encouragement.

I don't know if anyone recognizes it, but it's actually the little globby monster I first designed for my friend's baby onesie.  So it was fun to make him larger and more tactile.  The body is orange faux fur.  His name is Stump because one arm is really stumpy.

I'm always trying to improve my designs, and my backpacks have changed a lot in the past year as I try to make them better, bigger, easier for me, cuter.  The latest change is the new design of the body of the bag, giving the base depth, where before I used pleats.
But my favorite change is the contrasting underbelly of the straps.
This way, the shorter the strap you want, the more contrasting orange strap you see.

I have a few more brewing that I've been thinking and planning for how to fit a sea turtle onto the backpack without having a tiny head.
So far I'm liking the results. be continued

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  1. So cute and totally recognized that monster. The baby has a monster room though so I'm always noticing fun monsters. :)


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