Reading Nook {Part 4}

10:54 PM

The stools we took off the trash heap in Missouri were once chairs with backs on them.  So they had holes for the back of the chair.  So to fill in the holes to make them presentable stools, I used wood filler.
It's pretty cheap, and this putty worked great.  I had never used it, as I'm just getting into carpentry.
I just jammed the putty in the holes with a popcicle stick.
As it dries, the putty hardens and kind of shrinks.  So for the large holes that went all the way through the seat, it shrunk up inside.  So I globbed on another batch of wood filler the next day, and it worked.
**I also used it to fill other cracks in the chairs too.

After it's dry, you just sand it down smooth.

Then I primed the stool and it looked like a real stool, rather than the broken chair it actually is.

-James & the Giant Peach is sketched and I just need to paint it on the 3rd leg of the table
-The above stool will get it's book spotlight painted on.
-The other stool needs to get reinforced before I start painting it
-I need to buy wood and get making the Land of Nod chairs from the Knock Off Wood plans

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