Knit Skirt and T-shirt Refashion

5:00 AM

Just a quick post, mainly of the skirt.
It's just a simple A-line skirt made out of knit, but I've loved it for the summer, (now that summer is gone I'm getting around to posting it).  It's like wearing a t-shirt, but in a skirt.

I didn't make a full tutorial, but I used a skirt I already had as the pattern.
Just cut out 2 pieces, adding about 1" extra on all the sides, and at the top I stretched the brown skirt to get the actual width on top, as the elastic in the waist scrunches it a bit.
Next just sew up the side seams.
Then I just measured 1/2" elastic around my waist to where it would be comfortable, sewed a casing on the top, and threaded the elastic through to make the waistband.
What's great with using knit, is it doesn't fray, so I didn't even hem the bottom.
Super easy!  If you are petite, you could probably upcycle large men's t-shirt to make cute, comfy skirts!

The next piece was the grey cardigan thing.
I bought a t-shirt from Old Navy for $2.00 on clearance and got it home and it was the size I usually wear, but I guess this top was made to be huge and baggy, but it had a boat neck, so it was ridiculous.
Anyway, I chopped it down the center front, took off the nipple pocket (I hate those!), and readjusted the neck, so what was in the center front originally, ended up being pulled up almost behind my neck.
This obviously made the arms weird, so I cut off the sleeves, and sewed them on again with the shoulder fabric adjusted, the back coming forward on top of the front.

Basically it looks kind of like a onesie now on the shoulders.
And since it's knit, again I didn't hem, it's just raw edges along the center. 

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  1. are amazing! I'm not so brave, but wish I were :) Good job!!

  2. I am absolutely speechless! I have looked at,I think everything on your blog. I have come to the conclusion that you are officially my hero. Wow wow,that is all I can say.


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