Pleather Hand Cut Skirt and Sweater Refashion

6:00 AM

This post has two parts, or two pieces I made for Ellie:
Sweater Refashion and Pleather Hand Cut Skirt

The skirt is part of Knock it Off series hosted by Heidi over at Elegance and Elephants.

Elegance & Elephants

So on to the sweater.
This little blue sweater is a refashion of a sweater I got years ago, that has been too small and in my repurpose stash.

 It got tight having to avoid those stripes in the original sweater, but worked out.
I used the toddler blouse pattern from a few weeks ago for the sleeves and body.

But this time, the placket was in the back with three flower shaped buttons.

This thinner, slinky, sweater fabric was kind of a pain to work with.
I made sure to serge all the seams to prevent fraying, and the whole placket definitely required interfacing for support.

I used the original hem for both the sleeves and body to help make it look more like a woven sweater rather than a tee shirt or something.
Plus it makes it easier to sew with no hemming!

So together with the pleather skirt, two easy and quick garments for fall and winter.
This lollipop Ellie was eating was her last piece of Halloween candy.
Sad day for her.

 Don't forget to catch the whole tutorial and pattern for the skirt HERE!

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  1. Jess - that skirt is AMAZING!!!! Those cut outs around the hem, just WOW

  2. She's getting so big! It's amazing how fast she's grown :) Ha ha ha...look at me talking, I have been watching my 19 month old turn from a baby to a toddler.

    I love her little skirt, it's a cute idea :)

    -Ash P

  3. Oh, wow! I love her skirt... the combo of leather and a lace pattern is beautiful! My favorite purse (which is pretty much worn to shreds) has a detail on the front like this, but I love how you made a circle skirt with it.
    The sweater is so cute and cozy!
    I love this outfit. I want one too. =)

  4. So clever! Very nice, Jess! And that cute face! Ahhh! I want to squish her lollipop face!

  5. so talented and fun!! kids with creative mommas don't know how lucky and blessed they are. BECAUSE the awesomeness is their normal. yay for do it yourself!!

  6. This skirt is adorable!! I want one! For me... I just washed a sweater that I want to refashion for the kiddo...I'll let ya know how it goes!

  7. that pleather hand cut skirt must have taken you forever! but so worth it.

  8. These are both such awesome and inspiring pieces! I would never have thought of a pleather skirt but it turned out really nice. Thanks for the inspiration as usual!


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