Tutorial: Pleather Collar no-sew and removable

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An easy, quick, no sew tutorial posted over at Clever Charlotte a few weeks ago.

I'm a big fan of Clever Charlotte patterns and this was fun to rework the removable Peter Pan collar.
I chose to make a no-sew version from pleather (faux leather), which ended up being super easy.

I actually had a little sweater I had made and thought it would look cute with a pleather collar, but pleather isn't machine washable and so having it permanently attached to a sweater for a toddler wasn't a good idea.
So the fabulous idea for a removable collar solved my problem!

This variation of the Peridot collar has a different back closure.
My sweater had buttons in the back, so rather than ties, the collar has buttonholes for attachment.

The details on the collar are simple punches along the edge to match a little skirt I made a  few weeks ago.

So to make your own pleather collar!
You'll need a square of pleather (or real leather).
I took the Clever Charlotte pattern and just brought in the finished edge about 1.5" for Ellie being a smaller size and not needing seam allowances.
The fold is also the front rather than the back. 

Next I added the slits for buttonholes.  
You could sew real buttonholes on the pleather, but it won't fray so I just cut it and moved on.  No sew and super quick!
Next to mimic the decorative punches on the skirt, I used a buttonhole punch to create a row of circles along the finished edge.

That's it!

Then just button it on the back of the sweater! 

 The neckline fit just perfectly along the neck of the sweater.

 I thought the removable collar was such a cute detail to the sweater, and makes laundry easy for me!

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  1. too cute and sophisticated...She is getting accustomed to modelling. I just do not know how you do it and pg an hsb a couple of other youngsters and all the preps for the new baby.
    I admire and must say there is a bit of envy for the discipline and energy you expend.


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