Office Painting: Sunset Notch Peak

1:53 AM

I'm trying to catch up and document all the projects I created this summer for my husband's office.
This one is in an exam room and it's just a huge, simple painting.
My husband chose our local desert area as the decor theme, (which was a challenge creatively).
We have one of the highest sheer cliffs (I think in the top 5 of the U.S.) and it's an attraction to the area for hiking or dangerous outdoor recreation.

The desert is in my husband's blood I guess.
His dad was really familiar with the desert from owning a fossil and mineral business.
A year before my father in law passed away he and my husband took a day exploring the desert, the cliff is in the background.

So as an interesting piece of mountain, and some sentiment to my husband, it made it's way in the exam room art.
The painting isn't that great, I keep wanting to go back and add more orange hues between the yellow and blues and purples.
It's a huge canvas, almost 6' wide.
I built the frame with 1x2s and stretched and stapled cotton duck canvas around.
To create a sharp crest, I used a projector to trace the line on contact paper, then cut away the mountain.
I adhered my contact paper stencil to the top (sky) and painted in the black mountain silhouette.
At that point I could just peel off the stencil and  plop on the color: sky, color, and clouds.

You can see the next project on the wall...the thick rustic bolt shelves I post.

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  1. oh dear I am wondering I it is fair that you are so beautiful, major talented seamstress, woodworker, designer and now an artist on the canvas also.!!!!!!! I am envious.

  2. so pretty!! i love how you did the sky.

  3. That's so beautiful! I actually thought it was a photograph at first glance.


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