House Build: Framing

1:29 AM

The house moves on.
The framing was important and stressful!

We designed the floor plans and had over a year to think about them and mentally walk around in it and so we had some small changes, which the framers didn't like.

It was by far the most stressful part so far,
Where the walls and window holes end up is so important, and even things on the plans were framed in wrong,
I realize having the wife as the general contractor is a pain, and then one that cares about losing 3 inches on a wall and noticed is especially annoying.
At one point the framer said "You're killing me!  Take this hammer and hit me in the head and just kill me!"
So it's been an adventure fighting for getting things right, and I did feel manly having to deal with it all...everything was how we hoped it would be for the most part and I was glad when it was over!

 During framing, we had two huge rain storms that left lots of mud in the basement, and big puddles of mud for the kids.

We never get this much rain in the desert, and it was frustrating!

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  1. 3 inches is a big deal. Plus it's the house you are going to live in (maybe) forever. You don't want to have any regrets! Looks great, can't wait for a tour! Way to stick to your guns!

  2. I'd say if you're paying for get to say just how you want it!!
    The Kids sure look like they had fun in the mud :D

  3. Stick to your guns!! I nearly had a nervous breakdown dealing with just such tradesmen as these-I expected them to do what they were meant to do,too, and they kicked up. Still living in our dream house 38 years later.Good luck!!

  4. I know Aless...over and over I'm thinking, "why is this not like it shows on the plans?" Most of the time it was minor stuff that most people probably wouldn't' have noticed. So glad your house has been great long term! THat's what I hope for us.


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