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9:35 AM

I'm learning how to fight.

Until ten weeks ago, I had never set foot in any type of gym and the last time I tried any type of sport, I was in the tenth grade and it went horribly. So, it has been a very long journey for me to build up the courage to box with the men, and the decision has changed everything for me. I'm in love.

For the first few weeks of boxing I was wearing cut off pajama pants, my brother's T-shirts and bare feet. I went to a few different stores hoping to find something better, but in the world of women's active wear, you can find skin tight yoga pants or teeny tiny running shorts. I couldn't feel comfortable in either style, so I decided to make my own clothes for boxing. I got some heavyweight black sports knit at my local fabric store and I was able to make 3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants, and I'm currently working on a jacket.

Since I was taking the time to make all of it, I decided to add some personalized fighters' details. A lot of fighters have some type of symbol on their clothing. For example, Jim Braddock wore a clover in honor of his Irish blood. Dmitriy Salita is a Jewish fighter and proudly wears the Star of David. 

For my symbol I've chosen the sickle and hammer because my greatest inspiration to become a strong person are the female Russian fighters from WWII. They were as strong as the men, they fought with the men, and some day I hope I have as much mental and physical strength as they did.

I like having the sickle and hammer in shimmering gold because when my body is approaching the breaking point and my head starts to fall, it is the first thing I see and it reminds me of my goals and it ignites my determination to keep hitting. It reminds me that there have been women who have survived wars, raised families, and become truly strong and I believe I can do it too.

So, here are the shorts and pants. There isn't anything particularly special about them, they're just the exact fit that I like: high waisted, semi-slim leg, and the length a little above the knee. I'm going to start sparring any day now and if I make it to a real fight I have a beautiful idea in mind for a robe. Wish me luck!

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  1. Everything about this post is awesome!

  2. Wishing you luck in this latest adventure! I'm not sure I'd ever get into boxing myself, but it seems like a helluva workout!

  3. love these photos and this post! that sounds so empowering, and i bet it's great exercise too!

  4. at 4 weeks half of you is gone. now you are down to 1/3! Looking great and can't wait to see the robe...

  5. That must be a tough work out! You are so tiny! Good luck in your sparring.

  6. Thanks guys! Boxing is empowering and absolutely the most difficult thing I've ever tried.

  7. I don't know what I love more...your kick butt outfit, or you actually boxing, or your inspiration! I love it all!! YAY! You go lady.

  8. DUDE. this is awesome. i took boxing classes in my early 20s and felt pretty tough going to my job at a bank with bruised knuckles. haha. it is the greatest workout, wish i could find another class like that. way to make your own gear! love your insignia!! keep us posted, i wanna know more!

  9. Congrats Lynette, When Jess told me you were boxing I couldn't believe it. Way to go getting strong and keeping up with the boys! I'm so happy you love it. I better get an invite to your first fight. I must see that robe in person. You go girl! Stay tough!


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