New Boxing Bag

1:52 PM

I have an exciting boxing update. I'm sparring 3 nights a week and I'm working toward my first fight! I'm very excited about it and some days I can hardly believe it. 

Since I've started sparring I have a lot more gear to carry around so I had to make myself a new bag. I had been using a bag that Jessica made in her high school sports sewing class. You can admire her teenage work below:

For the new bag, I just used fabric that I had laying around. There are a lot of pockets to hold the small bits like hand wraps, water, and mouth guards.  I made the main body of the bag extra large so I can just chuck everything in it instead of having to tetris shoes and gloves and headgear all the time.


PS. If you want to hear more about boxing, you can follow me here.

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  1. Very cool bag. I am so impressed with your boxing blog. You are the Wo-man.
    Not something I would ever try but good for you.

  2. Ha! Glad that mini duffle bag still exists...and that the high school embroidery had held up all these years. I guess if you're done with it I may snag it back....


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