Button-up Shirt Trick I Wish I'd Started Doing Years Ago

12:21 AM

I don't have that large of a chest, but I hate when a button-up blouse fits great everywhere, but across the chest, it doesn't quite accommodate enough, and the buttons hold it together, but the fabric gaps.
Now I'm not talking the shirt is too small and the buttons are holding on for dear life, but those tops where a larger size would be too big, and you just have slight gaps across the peak of the chest.

To solve this, just top stitch about 3 inches where the problem area lies. You will have to put the shirt on over your head from now on, but that is no big deal to me now that I don't have potential gaps of cleavage to worry about.

Maybe this is obvious and not that great of a tip, but I wish I'd been sewing my button-up tops long ago for this reason. I used to buy the bigger size then alter the side seams to take it in for the bottom half, much more work that wasn't necessary.

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  1. this is great!! i have given up wearing button up shirts because of me being larger on the top and I get tired of finding under shirts to wear!! and i just got a sewing machine for Christmas...this will be my next project!!! ;) thanks for the tip!

  2. I always hand sew a snap on the gapping parts of a button up shirt. I'm careful not to go through to the front of the fabric when sewing so you can't even see the stitching.

  3. I always have gape problems, too, so have been sewing the gaps closed for ages...I did it first with some second hand button front skirts...the holes weren't as tight as they could be, so I stitched the whole thing closed so I could keep the look without giving everyone a look they didn't need to see!


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