Steph skirt 2 of 4

11:56 AM

My cousin, Stephanie is an awesome artist. I commissioned a painting from her, and we're trading. I'm making her some skirts and she's painting. I definitely owe her more than skirts for her art work, but for now she'll only accept the skirts so we'll see how I can get even.

These photos stink...I know.
The first skirt was for the wedding. For the rest she had fabric picked out and told me I could do what I wanted. So here is the first one. Pencil skirt with pockets and pleats under them. There's six panels, I hoped this would make the skirt even more flattering on her petite body. I love skirts/ dresses with pockets, so hopefully Steph likes it. I used Butterick 5249 pattern for it.

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  1. I'm sooo jealous I want one now. You are so freakin talented. I hate you!

  2. Aaaaaaaaa I love it!!!! That is better then I even dreamed! I dooo love pockets!! And the painting is nothing...I admire your talent so much. An original designed skirt from you is worth alot. You should seriously sell these and make some serious money. You are so awesome!


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