I started a little etsy shop

1:22 AM

This little shop has handmade things for kids. Mainly tag books, mobiles, and animal backpacks. I'm thinking of selling the patterns for the backpacks if there is enough interest. They are all completely original designs. One night my little sister, Lynette, were in creative mode and came up with all these great ideas and I'm finally getting them sewn and out there hoping someone will like them. I have a lot of other backpacks designed, I just need to make them if these do OK...I'm really excited to make the fox.
So if you know a cute little guy or girl that could use a fun backpack to carry their books, toys or treats around, maybe tell their mom about Primo Bambino! I'd appreciate it!

Little Girls:

Little Dudes:

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  1. Once again I commented on your other blog....love loveee them. Also I checked out the shop its Great. I see you made your 1st sale. Congrats!!! You will do good.


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