Baby Quail Skirt

1:30 PM


This cute purple fabric came from the Claudia raid. As I was sorting everything, I found a long chain of pleats she'd made. I set it aside, thinking it would be cute on the hem of a little dress or skirt. Later when I found the coordinating fabric I was excited.
It's just a basic rectangle tube bunched at the waist with elastic. I wanted to add a little applique or something to make it unique. In our raspberry patch there's a little family of quails. They hatched nine chicks and every night at dusk the babies follow the parents around the yard. So I thought that would be cute.
I had my son wear it to see what size it ended up, and he was not a fan of the skirt--which was good since he's a boy I guess. Hopefully the little girl that will recieve it as a gift will enjoy it more than he did. I love his huge hands and gut hanging out...not so feminine.


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  1. I love RJ boy. And I love his big hands.

  2. Love it! I love that RJ is your model for this skirt :)

    Oh, and I'm visiting from Friday's Gracious Giveaways :)

  3. i love this skirt!! And RJ is the best model!


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