Etsy Break

12:21 AM

I am taking a break from sewing for Etsy for a while due to harvest season. We live on a huge garden and I'll be canning for a while. I'll still fill the occasional custom orders, but I won't have time to work on stock items for a while.
But I am cooking up some fun projects for myself and my little family....2 swimmingsuits for an upcoming trip for me, a rashguard shirt for my husband, and a little suit for my son.

Plus Halloween will be right around the corner.

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  1. Where are you going, you lucky gal?

  2. we're going on our Graduation Trip early, even though Rhett doesn't really graduate until May

  3. Hi-My name is Tava and I am Stephanie Tolands sister in law. If you know Eric he is my baby brother. I was wondering if you would be willing to make me two skirts for Halloween. If you are interested we could work out all the details about them. You can find my blog from Stephnies we are the Whitts. Hope to hear from you- Thanks


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