Sister's Boutique

2:00 PM

My sisters and I are getting together to offer all our handmade items in a boutique!

Heather makes handmade jewelry with authentic stone and fossil.

Lynette makes handmade totes, satchels, clutches, and she'll be featuring some clothing too. She specializes in vintage and unique designs.

I'll have my Primo Bambino stuff for kids.

So it will hopefully be pretty great. You can find unique, handmade, items for yourself, teenagers, and your kids. So I recommend you run to Costco across the street and get a hot dog and drink for $1.50 and maybe a churro for only $1.00 and then come hang out with us. I think my favorite aspect will be hanging out with my sisters and any friends that stop in!

This Thursday and Friday (August 6 and 7) we're getting together to sell the things we make. We'll be at:
Bangerter Jewelers
476 North 900 West
American Fork, Utah (just east of Costco)
from 10a to 6p.
Look for us under a white canopy!!
don't let these photobooth photos scare you...we are normal most of the time

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