Baby Shoe Pattern Available

11:29 AM

I just made it up and have been adjusting it, and it's been working well for me.  Printed off, the shoes are probably 12 month size.  The finished bottom measures 4 1/4" to 4 1/2" long.  You can shrink it with a xerox machine for smaller sizes, or just trim off the edges if you are daring, which is what I would probably do actually.

Here's a little chart you can use that I made so when you shrink the pattern, you can get an idea of what the finished size of the shoe should be:
   Copy pattern 100% will get you an exact copy = length 4.5"
Copy pattern at 88% on xerox machine = length 4"
Copy pattern at 77% on xerox machine = length 3.5"
Copy pattern at 66% on xerox machine = length 3"

Also, if you wanted a larger size, you could blow up the pattern:
Copy pattern at 111% on xerox machine = length 5"

So you could measure the foot and get an idea of how small to shrink the pattern.   Obviously, there is room for error, but I've done this with other patterns I've used and it's pretty accurate, much more accurate than hacking off edges from the original pattern, which I've also done.

More accurate to go to the copy store and shrink it down, probably less than 10 cents, but it is another errand!

Good luck.  I should really make a new tutuorial for this pattern that accomodates lining.  Maybe that will be in the works.  But until then, here's the pattern.

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