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I made this little Newsie suit for my son.  These are his 2 year old photos.
I used a pair of his more stylish jeans (more straight/ skinny leg) as the pattern.  They are slip on pants with elastic in the back to hold them on.  I sewed a faux zipper fly and tab front to make them look more like trousers, even though they are pretty much just pajama pants with pockets.
Pretty much the same technique as this tutorial, but added the pockets.

The vest I used a sleeveless t-shirt as the pattern.  It ended up way too huge, so I wish I'd used a more fitted shirt for my pattern.  I ended up fixing the boxy big vest with darts in the back.
I made the newsie hat, based an adult hat I had to adjust for children sizes.  To make the brim stiff, I used a $0.19 foam sheet.

I am actually planning on creating a formal PDF pattern to sell in my etsy shop.  Through the process, I ended up adapting the pattern for a few different head sizes, to finally get it right for his head.  So if you are interested, I'll keep you updated as I get it together and available for purchase.
The tutorial to make your own suspenders are HERE.

My husband thought this photo made him look like a tough little street newsie.
photography by Jacquel at Moments by Design

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  1. What a handsome and street-wise little man. Great outfit. Will have to do something like that for my little man!

  2. I love these. You got my vote at SYTYC. Good Luck with the competition. I had so much fun with it and hope you do too.

  3. Are you kidding me!?That outfit is so adorable! I need to make something like that for my 2 year old. And the photography is great.

  4. I'm pretty sure I HAVE to make this for both my boys. I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. he is absolutely adorable, the pictures turned out great!

  6. This is adorable! Did you ever get the pattern for the newsie had made? I would love to have a looksie at that...

  7. Hi There! I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I'm hoping to make one for my son for Sweet 16 that calls for black & white attire. :) I was wondering if you going to be listing the hat pattern on your etsy shop? Please let me know if you do, I will definitely order one! :)



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