Etsy: Closing Up Shop

5:17 PM

I've decided to close up my little etsy shop once this last batch of capes is gone.

This last batch was a big one: 45 superhero capes.  They're all reversible, with a hero on each side, so to me it feels like making 90 capes.
It took forever it seemed, and after sewing a couple hundred capes this last year, I'm glad to be done.
I'm not selling on etsy anymore for a lot of reasons, mainly my time being the issue.
Time to gather supplies (which has become harder each batch I make), time to sew and make all the capes, then the time it takes to post, communicate, and all the trips to the post office dragging a toddler with me once capes have sold.

It's just got to be too much, and not worth it as it used to be.  It was fun, and I appreciate all the support I've received this last year, but it's kind of liberating to be done, as the sewing and crafting definitely became work to me and lost the appeal it started with.

So a quick review of items I've sold the last year, just for fun to say goodbye!
Started out with tag books, totes, mobiles, and backpacks.

Found people had more interest in superhero capes.

But kept the backpacks too,

 threw a few baby dresses in there

and many, many, capes
even a few capes for little heroes.

Anyway, the etsy is over, and I can just create, sew, and craft for things I can enjoy!
It was really rewarding to hear little stories of kids just loving the capes I'd made, so I'll miss that...oh and the additional funds it created.
But I'm excited to move on and my "want-to-make" project list is huge!

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  1. I guess congratulations are in order, especially in completing all those capes!!! Can't wait to see all the "want to do" things you'll make.

  2. your stuff will be missed, but i look forward to seeing all the fun things you create for yourself. You'll inspire others if anything. love you.

  3. Its interesting to read this post as I've been thinking about opening a shop. I love to make/create purses and people tell me I should sell them, but then I don't want what I enjoy, to become work.

    Your capes are so adorable! Are you considering making them if people want them, rather than trying to keep a stock in the store?

  4. Good for you for striving to keep joy in your favorite things. I often feel that same way about my ETSY shop and have even considered closing it. Tempting.

    BTW, LOVE your capes, I have two guys who would love them!


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