Grapevine Birdcage: Creepy for Halloween

10:56 AM

I know it's a little early, but my son has been really into Halloween lately, kind of his first awareness since he's only 2 1/2.  I don't think he knows what the holiday will actually be, but whenever he sees any Halloween stuff in stores he yells and points.

So I pulled out my few Halloween decorations early.
I had made this birdcage out of grapevines in order to make the tutorial earlier this spring.  It was white, and I didn't have a use for it, but thought it would be fun to change it to creepy rather than cute.

So I spray painted my cage green, but it looked too cute and perfect sparkling green, so I took black spray paint and just did little puffs to darken it up unevenly.
I think it might be best to just leave the raw, brown, stringy grapevine to look like wood, rather than painted.
If I was making it right now, I'd leave the cage unpainted for Halloween I think.  More like a witch's pet or something.
But I didn't know what to put in the cage, something creepy.  I thought about a raven, rat, or a bat.
But then I found this rat-bat with the Beetlejuice tail and thought it was great.
{I bought it in Utah when I recently visited my mom at a wholesale warehouse called Tai Pan Trading.}

So now this nasty creature is hanging kind of above and to the side of the console table as I get the rest of the Halloween decor out.

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