Mom Feature: Airplane Applique Quilt

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This post is featuring a quilt made my mom.
My son loves airplanes, and this is his new bedspread she made him.

Amazing right?
I had been collecting fabrics to make him a little quilt, and she said she'd been planning an airplane quilt too and wanted in on it.  So I just mailed her the fabric I had and we talked about what I had been thinking, and she had ideas of her own.
I sent her old knits to use for the planes, mainly old t-shirts to add texture.
We both envisioned vintage prop planes, and so super bright fabric didn't seem to fit, so my mom actually tea-dyed the knits to mute the colors for a more vintage feel.

The quilt has a lot of different texture, the blue background is a flat sheet, clouds are fleece, and the airplanes are a variety of knits and cottons.
The quilt is backed with a chocolate flat sheet and bound with chocolate corduroy.

Once she decided to make it a full bedspread, she chose to hand quilt this puppy.
I feel bad we live far away now and I wasn't around to go help quilt it.

Anyway, more details of my mom's quilt.
Each plane is an applique she made.  The detail is crazy for such a big quilt and so many planes and different styles.  She went above and beyond what I had planned.
Each of these stars below is an applique--so much detail.
The yellow planes are from that yellow ribbed tank top I've had for a long time, and now something much better!

Another cool feature my mom added was naming the planes in the center panel, which will be on top of the bed. 
Each plane is named after one of my son's family members.

Here's the my mom's (his maternal grandma) plane: Sheila

Mine: (mom) Jessica:

my husband's maternal grandma, so RJ's great-grandma Lilac:

There were other planes, his dad, other grandmas, and this last one is the plane with his name/ initials on it: RJ

Such an amazing quilt designed and created by my mom. 
And like any great work of art, signed and dated by the artist:
The little guy was really excited when he saw the quilt and yelled "Airplane!"
Can't wait to get it on his bed, and I have leftovers of the stripe to make a pillow case to kind of match.

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  1. That is an amazing piece of work. Your mom is quite a seamstress.

  2. What a work of art...and legacy. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece.

  3. This has got to be one of most special quilts I've ever seen. Handquilted, all that detail in the applique...seriously! Your mom is muy talented! LOVE this.

  4. Your son is one lucky little man. That is just a wonderful quilt! Wow!

  5. What an amazing quilt! It's clear where you get your talent from! I love that this quilt will get used and not just tucked away to be 'special' (even though it is obviously very special). Kudos to your mom!

  6. this is AMAZING! i love love love it.
    the quilting looks like air currents, the clouds are puffy perfection and the planes- magic!
    oh the love in that quilt.

  7. oh I am dying!! This is incredible! No wonder you are so talented... you must get it from your mom! That is seriously a little boy's dream come true!

  8. This is so great! I have come back to look at it twice. Cuter than Pottery Barn!! What an amazing talent.

  9. Awesome Quilt! Our oldest is a fighter jet fanatic---he loves all things blue angels so I wanted to make a quick jet quilt---but can never find the right fabric--always felt too girlie! Thanks for the t-shirt idea!

  10. The quilt is stunning! Your Mum has inspired me to give quilting a try, thank you for sharing this!

  11. Wow! This is just incredible! My 2 1/2 year old is really crazy about airplanes just now. He would go absolutely out of his skull for this quilt. I love the idea of combining fabric types, and of tea dyeing to tone down the colors. Your mother is amazingly talented!

  12. I have been looking for an airplane pattern for a quilt my husband wants. All the other patterns were so kid-like but these would be great. How do I order a pattern?
    My email address is: thanks, Judy

  13. My daughter loves this design! She wants me to make on for her baby due in about 6 weeks. How can I get the pattern? My e-mail address is


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