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Our bedroom looks like crap.  Having the new baby in there sometimes it even smells like crap.

My friend contributes to this marriage strengthening blog, and was teaching a little class on strengthening your marriage for church and she emphasized the master bedroom should be a high priority to make it look and feel nice to have a retreat for you and your spouse.
She said her bedroom is always clean, organized, and she takes time to make sure it's decorated.

It made me bedroom is the lowest on my priority list.  Mainly because generally no one sees it but me, and I worry about every other room in my house being clean before my bedroom.  Especially having a new baby, it seems even more chaotic with the bassinet, baby gear, vaporizer, etc. crowding up the room.  So I thought it would be a good idea to start putting some effort in there.
We've never had "bedding".
Since we've been married, we've always just had random blankets and quilts on our bed.
Just two pillows, one for each of us with non matching pillow cases.
So I've been wanting to grow up and have adult bedding in our master bedroom.
But I didn't want to spend a lot of money...or really any money.

So this is what I've done so far.
Just made pillow cases.
Rather than a comforter, we have a quilt on our bed.
My grandma gave me this white quilt.  She bought it when she lived in Missouri, it's hand-quilted by Amish women.  I love the handmade aspect of the quilt and the fact it seems more like an heirloom rather than Bed Bath and Beyond clearance or something else I would have bought on the cheap, so thanks Grandma!

The pillows are all just envelope pillow covers, not that you're surprised since I've been on a pillow cover kick these last few months.  On the last pillow post a reader asked how many pillows do I have in my house? I haven't counted, but it doesn't seem like I have many--a year ago we had zero other than the ones we sleep on so I've slowly been adding decor throw pillows here and there.  But maybe it's a lot, I don't know.
I'm working on a tutorial to look for that to come.

And while I'm at it, here was my inspiration shot from Pottery Barn.
We have a sleigh bed in that darker wood, and I liked all the white with the pop of the red floral print.  Some people with kids may cringe at the thought of white bedding.  But for me, it's easier to bleach something that's all white rather than try to have a stain on something with a print.  I bought the floral fabric a year ago from Hancock Fabrics.  I liked the more natural background with the different colors, but red is kind of the accent color. Remember the red lamps?
I covered the lamp shades with white burlap to add more of the natural texture, but until now that's all there was.  So I'm glad to have some bedding that is starting to tie all my year-old ideas together...finally. 

Then in a few years if I decide I don't love the natural floral anymore, I can just make new pillow covers rather than have to buy a new comforter set.  Cheap-o I know.

My husband came home from work and asked "what's with all the pillows?"  I told him it looks better and it's like we live in a hotel now.  I don't know if he bought it, or just thought how annoying taking 6 pillows off and on would be rather than just leaving one dead pillow all the time.  Not that he really cares since most likely I'll be the one doing the pillow transfers since he is gone for work most often before I'm awake.  

{this reminds me of a scene in Mixed Nuts where the vet is complaining to Steve Martin about all the pillows his girlfriend put on his bed so when you want to go to sleep you have to take them off.  In the morning when you wake up, you have to put them all back on.  WHAT IS THE POINT??}

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  1. What a smart idea!

  2. I made pillows for our bed last year as part of SYTYC, and I don't regret if for a second. It made our room more feel put together and comfortable. I don't care if we do take them off every night!

  3. I love your white bedspread! That's just what I'm looking for soon for when I fix up our room and get a permanent color theme going! :) It's beautiful!

  4. Your room looks awesome and the quilt is gorgeous! I have tried to do that with our bedroom, but I've always wondered if it makes any difference.......

  5. I love the handmade aspect of the quilt . Thanks a lot for sharing Nice Gift Basket.


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