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I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  I also wanted to thank everyone for all your great ideas on what I could do with the boxes of my old pointe shoes.  So many awesome and inspiring ideas, I'm letting them simmer as I have projects I have to get done in time for my best friend's wedding in 2 weeks.  So many different things I'd never have thought of, especially the concept of taking them apart--thanks for all your creativity!

Last minute last week I made a little cardigan to wear with my Phoebe dress.
I used a cardigan I already had for a pattern ans sewed the basic pieces together out of knit.
I didn't want to make all the buttons, and decided to leave it with raw edges, but then thought I could just add a narrow ruffle along the hem to make it look a little more finished.
To make the ruffle, I cut strips 1.5" wide and sewed them together to make one long strip.  Next I folded it in half so the strip was 3/4" wide and sewed along the open raw edge (opposite the fold) with my thread tension at 10 and my stitch length at its highest setting 5.  This makes the machine ruffle and gather the knit as you baste it together.
Then I just stitched it to the front of the cardigan edge matching up the raw seams.  To finish it, I folded the raw stitching under and top stitched along the ruffle to keep it flat.

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  1. It looks great with you Phoebe dress...good job!

  2. You made the cardigan too! Are you kidding me? That is awesome!

  3. Wow! Great job! When you posted about you dress I thought you had bought the cardigan! I will have to make a few of those since I love all the sleeveless designs out there, but I hate to show my arms!

  4. I love the ruffle detail! It matches your dress perfectly.

  5. Wow. Its really cute. Thanks for sharing the details on ruffles. Its a good Gift Basket Ideas for anyone.


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