Rustic X Benches {Pottery Barn Knock Off}

10:48 AM

I've been sewing a lot and needed to switch things up with a few warm days we had last week.
I've been wanting to build a bench for the foot of our bed for some time, and finally got around to building it.

While I was at it, I made a second bench for my friend as a wedding gift.

I bought my wood from Home Depot and each bench cost $18.00. 

The plans were straight forward except for the angles to cut on the diagonal "x" pieces.  I had to recruit my husband to figure out the geometry for the angled cuts to fit properly.  (Geometry was the lowest grade I've ever received, I stink at it)
I also was excited because my parents got my husband a Kreg Jig for his birthday last month.  He opened the box and I squealed "a Kreg jig!!!"  He looked at me and asked: "what is this?"  So maybe his gift was more for myself, but it is awesome.  

I used oil based primer, then painted my bench ivory from a $1.00 can of Oops paint I used to paint my sewing entry table.  Then some polyurethane to seal it.
For my friend's bench I used oil based primer, then exterior white paint, and a coat of exterior polyurethane so her bench could be indoor or outdoor.

So it works great at the end of our sleigh bed.  The empty frame above the headboard isn't trendy decor, but I actually have been wanting to finish a painting to go in the frame.  But I've changed my mind and something else is going on that wall when I get around to it.

Overall a nice little bench.  However, I was glad I had plenty of wood filler to conceal my imperfections as a beginner builder.

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  1. I love these! As soon as I saw the first picture I thought "oh, that'd be cute at the end of our bed"...great minds..

    We've used Ana's plans for a couple of things but I've never actually made anything myself - I can't be trusted with a kitchen knife so saws would be super dangerous!

  2. You rock. And I'm totally jealous about the kreg jig.

  3. I think we have the same bed. How funny. I'm jealous of your carpentry skills! That looks great!

  4. I'm always amazed at your talent and productivity. Well done!

  5. Love it! Looks very professional. Can't see any gaps. Which joints did you use the Kreg for?

  6. your benches turned out great! Don't you just love Ana White?!

  7. What a sweet bench! And a Kreg is amazing. Never realized how awesome they really are.

  8. I used the Kreg with the second bench more than the first, as I was getting a better idea how to use it but:
    -awesome to screw the bench top to the frame from underneath so I didn't have to worry about screws to fill on the bench top
    -used to attach aprons and stretcher to leg ends

  9. Wow, I'm sooo impressed. Wish I could do that. Love the bench.

  10. Shut Up! You are amazing. I LOVE it. I kind of want one for my very own now. On my to do list immediately.


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