Can't Wait Until Monday

12:16 PM

I am so excited.
I've barely (3 minutes ago) finished another PDF Print At Home Sewing Pattern to sell.
It's an idea I had last summer, but the season came and went so it's been in the works for a year in different stages.
The pattern is for summer sewing, easy, unique,
and the best part...

We all know there's not enough boy sewing projects out there, so I hope people get as excited about it as I am.  
I'm also going to sell a limited amount of the actual garments for those that don't sew or have time to.  
These will be released next week too (in stages) along with a few giveaways of both sewing patterns and an actual garment or two.  There's also two specific "limited editions" sets of garments I have planned to mix in and release too.
 I'm actually still sewing all of them.

So I can't wait to share my summer boy sewing pattern this Monday!
I'm so tempted to share a sneak peak, but I can't without giving it all away--but I promise it's worth the least I think it is.
This will be the first pattern I'm just introducing new.
My previous three patterns were all derived from just projects I made myself but had enough reader interest/ requests I made the pattern.  
So this one Monday will be totally original since I just love the idea and hope those with boys in their life will too!

I don't think it will actually be too surprising as you probably already know how much I love boys' wear and vintage.
Can't wait until Monday!!

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  1. What a tease! I can't wait to see it!

  2. Yes, I agree. There are not enough fun boy patterns out there. I have 4 boys and it is always a challenge to find something fun to make. Can't wait!!!

  3. I can't wait! You sound like you're gonna burst!!!!

  4. I can't wait! You're right, there's never enough boy patterns.

  5. Yay! Boy patterns are lacking. I'm so excited!

  6. I'm excited! I have a little boy in my life I'd love to make something for... :)


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