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I have planned this project for months now, and wasn't able to make these until I had access to a table saw!  I love the end result, and the fact these side tables are a junk makeover from a set of nesting tables that were too short for our use.  I love when I can save junk from the dump and use it to make something new, functional, and awesome!


My sister Lynette gave me this little set of nesting tables.
We used them for almost a year, but the kids broke off most of the legs, and the set was just a few inches too short to use as side tables so I planned to give them height and more function with drawers, doors and shelves.

I was inspired by Pottery Barn.
The long legged Charlotte two drawer side table was cute and simple for the largest nesting table.
These chubbier looking Amelia tables with doors were my plan for the middle sized nesting table, which got an extra addition of fun raw wood texture when I saw this awesome herringbone coffee table via Pinterest.

There were lots of new techniques/ cuts I needed to make in order to construct these, and it was probably the most challenging building I've done thus far, as far as the decorative cuts and details.

Basically each table had an additional storage box built, then the table top and legs were reattached.
 The blue table had to be painted as I went due to using the reclaimed fence boards.

I used left over paint from prior projects, and so these fit the decor of my house.  

 The large green table has one large drawer, with a partial cut to look like two separate drawers.  You just barely raise the blade on the table saw and cut through half the thickness.  I added "X" details on the ends which I made with a "linking log" type joint.  The main box is made with purchased MDF and pine.

This table was planned for our master bedroom, and the finish with the distressing and mahogany stain was used to make it a companion piece to a dresser I refinished 2 years ago.

This box goes in the little corner of our master bedroom for a small sitting nook.

This next table used the robin's egg blue paint I originally used for the entry bench.
The storage space uses a door with hinges and a butler's pantry latch.
I used a rotting piece of lathe to create the herringbone detail within the door front.

The base of the door is 1/2" MDF and the lathe pieces were cut and just glued to the surface.

The back and sides of the box are reclaimed fence posts for a rustic look.

There is a little mahogany distressing on this table as well.

 Currently we use this side table in our living room next to the armed seat we call "the reading chair".

The yellow table was too small for a drawer or hinged door, so I left it an open style using the same "X" detailing around the three sides and having an open shelf for storage.

This little guy goes in our basement and currently holds a lamp in a cramped little corner.

Each table ended up in a different room in my house and it's been great to have an extra storage table and to have saved the original nesting tables and fence boards from the dump!

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  1. These are amazing! What a talent!

  2. These are totally wicked!!! the blue one is my favourite - you are going to walk away with this prize!!!

  3. once again, knocking it out of the park - great job!

  4. Can we be neighbors? I love that you did this- hooray for you!
    I have been wanting to get up the guts to work with wood for about 15 years of my 17 married ones! My brothers are skilled with wood, but no one ever taught me. It's in my blood but I am so chicken and have no tools. I did borrow my neighbors saw and I am still babystepping toward using it. Way to be inspiring!

  5. you are so talented! I am IMpressed! Well done!

  6. These are sooo beautiful! And I love the colors. I would have never come up with doing this to the tables. You have such a creative mind!!

  7. These are TOTALLY amazing. Who would have thought? (apparently you)!

  8. You are incredible. The first time I found your bog was when you made that gorgeous coat. Then came the beautiful rainbow dress. Now here you are again with these phenomenal tabes. You have an amazing eye and you make incredible things. I am so excited to have found you. I have already voted. Hands down you are my winner.

  9. Wonderful tables/ cupboards! I love the idea, the execution, the finish. I wish I had a table saw - great work!

  10. these are so awesome, jess! total transformation. way to go!

  11. Those are adorable!! Super cute.

  12. Totally awesome!!! You did an amazing job. I think I see a table saw in my future for mother's day. One year I asked for a miter saw for mother's day!

  13. These are fantastic! Holy cow- I cannot believe the before and after! Great, great job!
    xo Becca

  14. Jessica - what a great upcycle! Must share with Blue Velvet Chair readers...we love this stuff!

  15. I've been a reader for quite a while & this is my first comment I've left..I know...shame shame on me!
    I love these items you've redone & all the items you've been able to recycle. They look awesome!

  16. Love these! I'm a chicken sometimes when it comes to repurposing furniture. I'm trying to get up the guts to re-upholster a chair and ottoman. Great job

  17. Are you kidding me?? I couldn't see how these were nesting from the after pics. It was because I had no vision!! What an extraordinary transformation. Love, LoVE, LOVE them

  18. What an awesome and creative idea. The nesting tables wouldn't have been nearly as charming with just a coat of paint. Love what you did here, even without a drawer. Love the colors too.

  19. i'm amazed... impressed...wowed! love all 3!

    here from blue velvet chair!

  20. These tables are amazing! I love what you did with them and how you made each one unique.
    Fantastic job!


  21. This is AWESOME! I love love love this, I posted on my blog about this project. Again...amazing

  22. WHat a truely creative idea - they all look wonderful!

  23. This is the most inspiring post I have seen in so long. Who would have thought... I love those.

    I have been looking for a table the size of the blue for awhile now. I think I may just revamp an old table now.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents.

    Found you over at Roadside Rescue.

  24. Love them, love them, love them!!! You had a creativity bonanza! :)

  25. My goodness, you have a lot of creativity. I have a table saw and a miter saw, I really need to expand their possibilities. I'm not afraid to use them but I think I lack the creativity you exude. Well done!


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