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12:27 AM

Here's all my projects from So You Think You're Crafty

The competition ends this Friday, and it looks like I'll most likely be taking 2nd place again, just like Project Run and Play earlier this year.  As much fun as these competitions have been, I'm glad they're over and I'm pretty sure I won't be participating in any more any time soon.  Two back to back was enough!

Looking through the all the projects for SYTYC, I ended up making something from the different areas I enjoy: building basic furniture/ wood, paintings, quilting, decor, sewing kids clothing, and sewing adult clothing.  I was determined to only make things I knew I would use, and it was a great motivator to get a lot of projects from my "to do" list done.

Week 1: Organization

Week 2: Children's Literature

Week 3: Love

Week 4: For You

Week 5: Rainbow

Week 6: Build with Wood

Week 7: Ink

Finale: Peacock

I feel proud of all my projects I made and it's been fun getting to know the other girls the last few weeks. Kim and I both live in the same town, so kind of fun to be in the top two/ finale together!
Pocatello Pride.

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  1. Hunny! You deserve to win hands down! Your projects have kicked up this competition to the next level! You've blown the others, including me, away! So wether you lose or not. You definately should be the winner. The votes were so wierd this season... So wierd...

  2. Oh girl, good luck. Don't lose hope yet! Your peacock dress is gorgeous and all your SYTYC projects have been just awesome. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. You've done a fantastic job and that dress is stunning! Tx

  4. I'm glad your feeling proud - look at that line up!
    I love your ethos of making useful things - I hope you enjoy them!
    These voting competitions can be frustrating - you should win!

  5. you did an amazing job all season long!!

  6. Jess- you never cease to amaze me!

  7. I started following your blog when I saw your post on the yellow sheet maxi dress, and I've enjoyed the inspiration I've gotten from it. You've been a strong competitor on SYTYC with the most wins! Congratulations on all you've accomplished. :)


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