Newborn Leggings

2:25 PM

Most of our girl newborn clothes are onesies.
So Izzie needed something on bottom.
Ellie has grown out of most of her pants and I was sewing a stack of toddler leggings for her and decided to make some baby ones while I was at it.

They take very little fabric and I made four pairs in about 30  minutes, just whipping them out on the serger.

They look cute with a onesie. 

Or layered under skirts and casual little dresses.

You can also use knit t-shirts to repurpose for baby leggings.
This red/white striped pair was formerly my mom's shirt.
 It saves time because I just used the shirt's hem for the ankles rather than making my own!

I also like having options for colors other than pink and purple baby clothes.
It seems especially hard to find newborn clothes not in typical girl colors. 

These stripes are my favorites from the bunch.

Babies grow too fast you don't want to invest too much time or money in making them tiny clothes, but these little leggings are quick, cheap, and easily sewn in a little batch.
They'd be a great gift in a little stack! 
One month old and her hair hasn't started falling out yet...hoping it will stick around.
I was really hoping it would stay dark, but she'll probably be blonde like our other kids.

As a free bonus, I'm including these newborn leggings in the baby bedtime bag pattern 

I wanted to have another project in the pattern to compliment the baby bags and thought of these cute leggings !

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  1. how clever. she is a total doll and little looks like a charming big sister and so happy now that she is used to her modeling gigs.

    Happy Valentine to you and your family

  2. You are amazing! I am shocked at how productive you are with three kids!!
    Fantastic. She is beautiful, BTW:)

  3. Squeeee! I love little baby legs! Sooo sweet! The leggings are fab too ;-).

  4. Goodness. She is adorable. Love the red and white stripes.

  5. Baby Leggings has linear ribbed lines that makes a smart daily wear for your little baby’s comfortable feel.


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