Pajamas from Pillowcase

9:57 AM

{made with standard size pillowcase, just monster printed}

Using a pillowcase for kids clothing is an old idea.
Tons of pillowcase dresses have floated through blog-land for years, along with pajama pants as well.
So I realize this isn't the first time you've seen pants made with a pillowcase, but these were just really fun. 
We had a Herberger's department store open last fall and they had huge sales with their grand opening.
I got a twin sheet set in this monster print for $12 regular $60.
They're a microfiber blend that's really soft and silky feeling.
But to be lame, these monsters didn't go with the rest of his bedding to go on top of his bed.
So we use the sheets and I cut the pillowcase into pajama pants.

I actually made these last fall, but RJ said he wouldn't wear them.
So we set them aside and I brought them out and this time he had changed his mind.

The nice thing about using a pillowcase is using the cuff as the hem.  It makes it quick to sew, these were made in less than 15 minutes.

The bad thing is there is only one direction to cut the fabric, so in this case having a print made them go side ways rather than up and down and if you notice or things like that bug you, not the best idea.
RJ's favorite photo in these pants below:

They're a really great fabric with the silky feel and non-wrinkle factor.
Why didn't he immediately love these? 
Who knows.

I've actually thought about using the flat sheet to make me my own since the flat sheet always gets shoved at the foot of the bed anyway. 

Despite the initial hatred of these pajamas, RJ did cooperate to have some quick pictures taken.
(I had to exchange nailing scraps of wood together for a "car boat" he was building, so pretty fair trade)
But then he said he was dead.
I guess the photo shoot is over!

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  1. I love them! Caroline likes butt pictures also, not really sure what's up with that. She will also hide around the corner and say "mom, I have a surprise for you!" and when I come around she is bending over and says "it's my heiny!"

  2. I love the pattern. I didn't even realize it was sideways until you pointed it out. I'd sure wear them.

  3. I love that RJ won't work for free, and that he picks his own clothes. Also, these look great.

  4. My son refused to wear the cardigan I sewed for him until I called it a jacket. Now he loves it. Kids are so funny.

  5. Love all the pictures. Gave me a good chuckle especially the "dead" photo. He is too funny.
    Sure miss you guys.

  6. These are so much fun! And you totally need a pair made from the flat sheet. NEED.
    I would be tempted to even go out in public in them! LOL
    Fantastic as always:)

  7. Ok, I love this idea. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I totally bought those sheets from Younkers two years ago and made crib sheets for my son out of them. My son has been an excessive drooler from day one, and the silkiness of the sheets helped make it so his entire sheet didn't get soaked and freezing cold which then helped with his sleeping. :) However, I held on to the pillowcases - I might have to make my son super awesome monster pajama pants to go with his sheets! Love it!


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