Ikat Toddler Dress from Blouse print disaster

2:07 AM

I made a cute little dress for Ellie.
But it was the remedy for a big project fail.

I really liked the colors in this ikat printed chiffon and made myself another simple blouse.
It's the 4th time I've used my little pattern, so I just sewed it up.
I tried on the finished blouse and to my horror realized the unfortunate placement of the print on my chest.
When I cut it out I didn't think about the print becoming offensive in its placement.
Not only the dark dots, but the white "v" shapes were just in the wrong spot.
A friend saw the photo and called it "tribal boobs".
Another friend suggesting fixing it with a pocket, which would have maybe saved it, but at that point the blouse was already tainted and hacked up too make a toddler dress.
It was such a bummer to put it on and just realize I'd never be comfortable, always wondering if anyone noticed the ikat tribal boobs.

The bummer is I went back to Joann to buy more to remake the blouse and they were out of the fabric.
I had bought in on the clearance rack so I wasn't surprised, but I'd been really excited about the blouse and was going to make a camel colored skirt to go with it.

SO now it's a little dress for Ellie.
I just cut a simple neckline with little cap sleeves.
The lining was used to finish the neck and sleeve opening so I wouldn't have to hem them, as it would have been a pain with chiffon.
The construction to use the lining to finish the neck and arms is kind of like putting a vest together, sewing the neck and arms first then the shoulder and side seams last.

For the back closure I used navy satin ribbon as the thin chiffon couldn't support buttons very well. 

Usually Ellie doesn't care what she wears, but she really liked this little dress and didn't want to take it off.
The only problem is the static made the lining ride up on her tights so it was just sheer chifffon from the waist down a few times.
I'm thinking in the summer with out tights it won't ride up as much. 

Ellie loves candy. 

So in the end I'm glad my disappointment turned into something I could still use even though I'd rather have had a blouse for myself. Next time I sew an ikat print I'll be more aware of where shapes are falling!

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  1. Oh my, that's so sad that you didn't get your blouse. I didn't think it was that bad until you pointed out the white triangles. Then I saw what you were talking about. At least it's a cute toddler dress!

  2. well nice save with the toddler dress! i bet a pocket would have fixed it, but i totally hear you about the fact that it was already "tainted"!

  3. Ha! - love it. Nothing like a pair of tribal boobs to put a smile into my Monday :)
    Great idea to turn it into something new - and it looks so cute on her too. I can see where I am going wrong with photo shoots with kids - my pile of candy is too small :)

  4. Nice save- I'm glad Ellie won't be a victim of "tribal boobs" too!

    1. the white triangles did end up near her chest too, but she's too little I think we're safe from it happening again!

  5. It looks darling on her - I know your perfect ikat is out there somewhere!

  6. Okay, that is Hilarious! Nice save!

  7. That made me smile for the morning!

  8. I'm so glad you posted this - so funny and such a cute little dress it turned out to be!

  9. What a bummer! But at least you were able to come up with a great solution! :)

    -Ash P

  10. I had a store bought shirt with unfortunately placed embroidered flowers. It became known as the "nipple shirt" at work and was retired. I feel your pain.

  11. That is hilarious. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out!
    Way to make lemonade, though, out of the lemon.

  12. Sad that you don't have your shirt, but really nice save with the toddler dress! Looks very cute on her and at least you still get to see the print running around your house!

  13. if you rub a little moisturiser between your hands and then run them down ellie's legs when she's wearing stockings it will help with the static. Any brand of body lotion or hand cream will work.

  14. I officially love you for posting this. HA! The dress you turned it into is fabulous :)

  15. Tribal BOOOBS! Wow, that is pretty freaking awesome. I also love you for posting the tribal boob photo. Because without that I totally would have said "just wear a cardigan and it will be fine!" HA! Nope. Not fine. Tribal Boobs are not fine. The dress is totally cute on E though. Nice save.

  16. Hehehe all's well that ends well. ;)

  17. Hagar! So that reminds me of a time at girls camp when we were tie dyeing tshirts and one of the leaders put two elastics on the chest of her shirt and she totally had tie dye boobs when she put on her shirt. Only in her case it was intentional.

  18. My auntie married an Egyptian man years ago and for the wedding party they had beautiful long dresses made for everyone with lots of detailed beading and a sheer diamond panel just about where your belly button should be.....except in my mum's case (who is very petite) the sheer panel was....well....lower. She only had time to sew a piece of fabric to the inside of the dress so at least you couldn't see anything, but it still caused everyone to stare at her crotch - my poor mum was mortified the whole day!

  19. Hi Jessica,

    If you use french tacks on the bottom of the lining and the dress then the lining won't be able to ride up




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