I.Q. Dress

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This dress was also for Ellie's birthday and is also her Easter dress for this year.
It is inspired by a dress Meg Ryan's character wears in I.Q., a romantic comedy made almost 20 years ago.
The movie is set in the 1950s and Meg Ryan's character wears lots of cute dresses.
I really liked this one, with the white contrasting details and decided to create a toddler version for Ellie.

I went with green like the movie, but rather than the olive, I used a pastel green eyelet.
The white detailing is top-stitched 1/4" wide bias tape.
A white grosgrain ribbon is at the waist and ties in the back. 

My favorite part is the front loop detailing.

The white lines continue on the back where they meet at the zipper.

The dress ended up being a little big.  
I was hoping to give her enough room to wear next year as well, and she'll probably be able to wear it longer than that in the bodice.
We'll just have to add a little petticoat if the skirt gets too short I guess. 

The bodice had to be lined due to the holes in the eyelet, and the edges were finished with white 1/2" double fold bias tape.

 I'm planning on layering it with longer sleeves for fall.

Eyelet is one of my favorite fabrics, so I'm excited to see it popping up everywhere this spring.

We took these photos at a park when we were visiting my mom in southern Utah.
Ellie insisted on wearing her green rain boots.
She's got her own sense of style that I wasn't willing to fight! 

I'm excited for next week--it's 5 days of SIMPLE BLOUSES!!!
I've been pretty Ellie focused lately in my sewing, so it's been fun to recently pump out a few quick tops for myself and it will be weird to have a post every day which hasn't happened in some time.

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  1. Good call on the boots! They look smashing with that stunning little dress. I'm amazed at how beautifully the contrast is top-stitched on. Truly professional.

  2. Cute! I don't comment often so I'm taking this chance to say that I shared the metamorphosis-dress with my sister-in-law who is a biologist and an actual butterfly conservation researcher and she loved it too :)

    I also remember watching this movie years ago and loving it, Meg Ryan was so awesome in the 90s. I should rent this or something and watch it again.

  3. Very cute dress.
    I am so excited for next week. I need some inspiration for some simple shirts for me!

  4. I love the front panel of this dress. So well done. I am your fan, did I mention that before?!

  5. I love eyelet fabric too, and that dress you made is too cute! I love that she's already got an opinion on what she's wearing, and what a great mom you are to let her express herself however she chooses!!

  6. You've done it again! She looks much cuter in her version. I like eyelet on little girls and the detail sets it apart from what we see in the stores. The boots are a great accessory too...so smashingly fun.

  7. j suppose you will get tired of everyone saying the SAME thing. Such a fortunate little two year old to have a mother that sews couture for her.
    The details are always so well executed. Letting her wear the cute boots was a crowning touch.
    I am looking forward to the blouse series for some fresh ideas. Will any of them be tunic-able???
    Happy Birthday and Happy Easter to the whole family.

  8. That is gorgeous! I love the green eyelet with the pretty white trimmings. The boots are adorable with it too. =)

  9. This is really cool, Jess! What a neat photoshoot setting too!

  10. <3! Great job :) Thanks for the eye candy ~

  11. Very cute! She is growing so quickly!


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