Silky Giraffe Jammies

9:19 AM

Ellaria loves silky things.
Like my underwear she'll steal and stretch out.
So I thought she might like some silky pajamas of her own made from this giraffe printed charmeuse satin.

I didn't use a pattern and just hacked it out, thus the sleeves were weird flutter-ish cap sleeves.
I had to sew darts in them to help them curve down a little bit. 

The bottoms are just simple two piece, elastic waist pants. 

The top goes over the head with the little sleeves.

The back of the top has a button loop closure to allow it to fit over her head. 

We couldn't celebrate her birthday on the actual day because my husband was working a 24 hour shift and would miss everything, but we did let her wear these pajamas to bed on her birthday and she didn't take them off the next day when we actually celebrated her turning two. 

I can't believe she's two!  
Time flies and she's grown a lot and is our little maniac.
She has so much energy and keeps me running way more than my first kid ever did!
I wish I was a cool mom that did the huge themed, napkin-straw coordinated birthday parties, but we keep it pretty simple at our house and just have a cake with "2" in sprinkles.

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  1. Those jammies are super cute! How fun. I need to start making jammies. I tried to find some for my almost 1 year old, and they wanted 15 bucks for 2 pair. Really people? I'm glad you did a simple birthday. I totally am not a coordinating party woman either. Some of the party stuff (for instance, putting fancy papers on candy to make them 'cuter,' cupcake wrappers, etc.) are a little too extreme and seem like time wasters to me. :) I hope she had a fantastic birthday!

  2. Those pyjamas are *very* cute. I'm torn on the birthday thing. I like the idea of some kind of celebration, but maybe just something low-key, at home, with a few relatives. We're coming up on three in a couple of months and this is timely.

  3. Aw look at that cute little sprite! Fun to have her in something she loves to wear so much. Happy birthday, Ellie!

  4. instead you're the cool mom who makes giraffe silky pjs for your silky loving girl. No one can be every kind of cool mom and I'll bet some of those coordinated party cool moms wish they could be a custom clothes sewing cool mom. :)

  5. These are SO stinkin adorable! Love the animal print that's the best and "grown up" part that kiddies love! She is adorable, love that face in the first pic! Happy 2nd birthday, my twins will be 2 in July and they keep me going too so I feel your pain :-)

  6. Who wouldn't love silky, giraffe-print pajamas? =) Happy birthday Ellaria!

  7. Now way 2, so soon!! she looks adorable in those PJ's Happy birthday Ellaria! Txx

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  9. I LoVe those jambes. They look super comfy. we have 3 girls and all of their birthdays plus mine are within 2 weeks of each other (I know I'm super talented -right?) So we take it easy on the birthday parties. We only do a friend party on certain aged birthdays that have significance. the rest of the time is an awesome dessert of their choice after dinner, popsicles won out for one kid, cake for, another girl and the youngest doesn't even know it's her birthday so we didn't sweat her this year. we basically just get really fluffy in the month of February. :)

  10. Thanks for all the comments letting me know I'm not the only mom that doesn't go all out for birthday parties! I guess I see so many creative ideas on pinterest and assume all kids get amazing parties except mine!

  11. Adorable! They are so cute!
    We don't do themed parties. After a bad experience trying to celebrate my daughter and her cousin's birthday(I was actually uninvited by my sister in law, but my hubs and kids were invited), we have kept birthdays low key. The kids get to choose a one layer cake, so I don't end up eating loads of cake(win for my hips). Grandparents are welcome to come and visit, but we don't make a big deal of throwing a party for everyone. And I like it. I would rather keep my kids the center of their birthday, rather than trying to plan the perfect party.
    Gotta enjoy the littles when they are little, and just having the family around.


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