Yellow Owl on Pink Backpack

11:10 PM

A few years ago I made animal backpacks to sell on etsy.

I recently packed up about half my fabric and found a half completed owl backpack.
Ellie has been borrowing RJ's boy backpacks in an attempt to pretend to be Dora, singing the backpack song, so I thought I'd finish the old etsy one up as a gift for her 2nd birthday.

The body is hot pink 32 wale corduroy lined in a yellow cotton blend.
The underside of the straps and ribbon hanger is in pastel pink. 
A simple velcro closure makes it easy for a toddler.

The owl flap is a yellow and green paisley-ish floral and I used maroon for contrasting wing lines and beak. 

More sewing from Ellie's birthday to come!

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  1. Very cute.
    My sister loves owls, so I am passing this idea on to her. She will love it!

  2. Ellie will love having her very own backpack, and such a cute one!

  3. This is so cute! Ellie will definitely have many hours of fun with this. I am glad you found it! I hope you and your wonderful family have a fun-filled Easter.


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