10 Year Reunion Dress

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Early August was my 10 Year High School Reunion.
Mixed Feelings....
excited to see old friends, nervous seeing the popular kids will make me feel like an insecure 16 year old again, feeling old that I've been an adult an entire decade.
Luckily it was a really fun night.  
A lot of my friends were able to go and in the end I felt like I didn't have time to chat with everyone I wanted.

I bought this fabric months ago so it was good to have an event or deadline to actually make this dress.

Coordinating rayon challis in turquoise and gold
Pattern: variation of my simple blouse (pattern coming out soon!) 
drafted the dolman sleeve and color blocked top of bodice and added the a-line skirt with 1/4" elastic along top-skirt seam.

I LOVE rayon challis.
I bought it on a whim, mainly because I liked the print.
Because the white base, I assumed I'd need to line it, but was pumped when it arrived that the fabric was opaque.
It's been great for the heat of the summer, it's light and flowy without any sheer issues.
It's really comfortable too.

Rayon challis is like sewing with butter.
From my fabrics, the stock solid colors actually had a softer hand than the designer print....
so I bought 4 more yards of the solids and hope to sew with them soon.
I also got some ikat print to make some more pajama trousers...if only I didn't have to sleep!
The neckline on these simple blouses is only 1/4" total, so you roll 1/8" twice and hemming the curve can get a little funky.
But this pressed perfectly smooth.
I made this the night before my husband and I left on vacation and came running out to tell him I found my new favorite fabric and why.
But he didn't really get it.

Like any fabric, it looks best pressed, but I just pull it out of the dryer and hang it and don't have to iron.
My only complaint is it holds wrinkles more than I'd like.
After sitting 3 hours at church the creases in my lap are pretty prominent.
I have a little left and plan to make a blouse.
Now that summer is over any ideas how to wear it for fall?
Tights and boots? Jacket? Cardigan?  Maybe the colors are too summer?

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  1. Love it-- I also love the print! I think it will transition into Fall perfect! Check out Target for tights-- cheap and fun colors

  2. Perfect for anytime! I bet it would look great with some solid tights, boots, and a mustard yellow sweater! Or maybe that is just what I would do:)
    You look fabulous no matter what!

  3. you look great! I like the print a lot. I put a rayon skirt on a dress for my oldest and it's so wonderfully flowy and delicate. Goodness, three hours at church! That would do me in. I used to languish through the two hour service at our old church. lol.

    1. Thanks Tara! Rayon can flow and feel really nice! Three hours can get long, but it's 3 different classes, so you move--sacrament or communion, then sunday schoool and the last hour women have a lesson and men have a lesson. When we've had 15 month olds it's crazy and most of the time I'm in the hall anyway!

  4. Wow you certainly have NOTHING to feel insecure about. If you get anymore accomplished you will need 48 hrs in a day. I love the print and the way you fashioned it and the color choices- you belong on a runway. Is Ellie getting old enough to start noticing the way the fabrics feel etc.?? Bet your hsb noticed the finished product on you even if he did not get it about the way we can feel about a new fabric find.

  5. Maybe add a wider brown belt and a mustard colored cardigan to match the yellowish stripe. Mary Jane's or low brown wedge with sheer tights.
    Really cute dress,and it looks so comfortable!

  6. These are perfect fall colors! I think if you add a brown/navy belt with brown boots and either mustard/gray/navy with it in a cardigan/tights you are good to go! It looks great. I need to make a dress like this, it's my favorite style on other people. You look great!

  7. Not too summer at all. It looks perfect. And boots and a blazer or a nice sweater will be great!
    I love when you get excited about something but the hubby doesn't get it. Makes me laugh, cause my hubby is totally that way!

  8. I love rayon too, though the crinkling does drive me crazy. I wish it was more readily available, it's such a great fabric.

  9. You totally rocked that dress and I should have known you made it! It was great seeing you. Good luck with the Delta settling.


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