Kid Corner Extras in the Waiting Room

10:49 AM

This is a post of the other things we added in the kid corner of the waiting room.
These lamps are from ikea.  It's a basic stick base, and I built the wood curving pyramids to plop on top.
Basically I took 1x6, 1x4, 1x3, and 1x2 scraps and cut them into squares.
Then I used a spade drill bit to drill a hole in the center for the lamp base to go through.
Then beginning at the bottom, I'd glue and use a finish nail gun to secure each block as it spiraled up and smaller.
The stain is Minwax classic gray and I sealed it with krylon clear spray paint.
We had to cut off the top of the lamp head to fit the pyramid on, then rewire it.  My husband did this part.
I knew we needed lamps with a small footprint on the narrow table top and hope they look interesting.
They were affordable ($15 including the lamp shades) and hopefully look cool for adults as they walk in and kids that read on the other side of the table.

Also on the table is a wood box to hold hand sanitizer, tissue, and clorox wipes for the toys and books.
I wish we'd been able to choose the office furniture, I always wonder why they choose upholstered chairs in a public office.
That fabric is impossible to sanitize!
But at least with the toys and books parents can help prevent spreading germs by wiping them with the disinfecting wipes. 

We took a few toys to have at the office, all are hard surface so you can wipe them down.
The turquoise trash bucket is from ikea. 

I also built the kid counter.
The counter is a table top from ikea for $15 and it was one rectangle. 
Using my table saw I cut it in half and then joined it in the corner with wood glue and a thin plywood underneath to help support the seam.
I used 2x2s for legs (stained Minwax classic gray).
To mount it on the wall back in the corner I bought metal shelf brackets and made sure to use 3" screws into studs.  
Stools, wire toy, and block house were all from Ikea as well. 

The kid corner is finished!

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  1. This is amazing! You thought of everything, and as always, executed it so well!
    I LOVE the paintings you did.
    What a fabulous waiting room.

    1. Thanks! The painting is my favorite project for sure.

  2. I'm adding those lamps to my to-do list - love them!

  3. I love those lamps. That was my favorite part when you showed us the table a few days ago. I didn't think you would have made them! How classy. I love how you added sanitizers and thought about that when setting up the area. I keep my son away from the toys at the doctors office, because I never know.

    1. It can be gross to think about the germs! Ideally they'd have room for a well waiting room and a sick waiting room, but hopefully just sanitizing before kids use things will help. Or I also have issues with the industrial carpet. I wish they'd use that wood looking vinyl that you can sanitize rather than nasty carpet that will just harbor bacteria. Even hospitals use that gross carpet, I just don't get it.

  4. I was wondering if you had made the lamps too... I love them!

  5. I am loving this series. My sisters and I keep talking about all the cool stuff that you have been making over here. But I just realized tonight I have been on the phone with them so I didn't leave a comment. We love the Wild Things on the wall. We are floored that you drew that and it looks so good. You are a crazy dose of talent. Keep it coming Jessica.
    With Love,


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